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What We Learned at NARPM 2019

What We Learned at NARPM 2019

In October, Jason and Jennifer once again made the trip to the 31st annual NARPM Convention and Trade Show. NARPM puts on this annual convention to create a place for property managers to talk about trends, discuss legislative changes, share ideas to improve the industry, and build relationships with each other. The multi day convention — taking place this year in Phoenix, Arizona — was a chance for us at Trio to actively live out one of our core values to “be a resource” for our clients. Our time at the conference was spent attending various educational events and listening to speakers, all the while looking for specific ways to improve our services. 

Each year the convention takes on a different theme: This year the theme was Return on Relationships. At Trio our strong relationships with our clients and customers are foundational to the excellent service that we provide; listening to speakers talk about investing in relationships only strengthened our commitment to this. From our clients to our staff we have found that putting the person first yields the best results. When we strive to create a fun working environment at Trio we create a group of people that are passionate about working towards the same thing and the return on that is exponential for the company as a whole. And these were just a few of the takeaways that Jason left the convention with. He has a list of 20 things that he wants to enact at Trio in the coming months and the biggest difficulty for him is figuring out what to prioritize first. 

Attending the NARPM convention is something that not every property management company will take the time to do. Many companies are started with a steep learning curve, but once they are up and running they decide they know enough and the learning process stops. Trio makes an effort to differentiate ourselves by attending the conferences and classes each year because we see how essential our continual learning is to how we take care of our client’s investments. As the industry continues to evolve and grow we pride ourselves on being well educated and at the forefront of positive change. At the convention and trade show we are able to learn about the newest processes and technologies that other property managers can vouch for. Takeaways from past years at NARPM include the use of web based accounting and marketing software as well as digital lockboxes that we have since seen used in property management all across Eugene and the surrounding cities.

We recognize that when hiring a property management company to manage your investment, an owner is paying for the superior services that the company can provide to them. What makes our services at Trio better than others is the systems that back us. Not all systems are the same and every year at NARPM we learn how to be continually improving our systems and in turn provide unparalleled service to our clients.