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Latest Legislation To Hit Eugene, Oregon

Latest Legislation To Hit Eugene, Oregon

You may not be aware of the latest legislation to hit Eugene, Oregon. If you, or someone you know, owns a rental property in Eugene, keep reading. 

The City of Eugene is actively reviewing protections for renters. One of the City’s governing bodies, The Intergovernmental Housing Policy Board (HPB), whose mission is to “increase the availability of decent, affordable housing for low and very low income families and individuals in Lane County”, provided recommendations for the City to consider. From those recommendations, the City Council of Eugene recently passed a new ordinance amending the City Rental Housing Code (Code) - Ordinance No. 20670 that impacts all rental housing. It was passed on July 11, 2022 and will go into effect on August 13, 2022. This ordinance is the result of potentially the first in what could be three phases as the City continues to review and update renter protections. Phases II and III are slated for November 2022 and February 2023 respectively. If they do occur we will update the blog with additional information.

If you’re not familiar with the City Rental Housing Code, the Code was created in 2005 to ensure safe properties by establishing minimum habitability standards and resources for property owners and tenants. Per the City of Eugene’s website the purpose of the Code is “to provide minimum habitability criteria to safeguard health, property and public wellbeing of the owners, occupants and users of rental housing and is intended to supplement rather than conflict with the habitability standards of the State of Oregon Residential Landlord and Tenant Act.”

All Eugene rental housing providers, property managers, and landlords are required to follow the new ordinance and all complaints shall be processed by the city manager. For the purpose of this blog, all future reference to the aforementioned will be “housing provider”. 

Documentation of Condition of Rental Housing

Housing providers of properties in Eugene must provide tenants with the following information prior to the date the renter begins occupying the rental property:

  1. Documentation of the condition of the rental property and it’s appliances; and

  2. Confirmation from the renter that the renter received and reviewed the documentation.

The documentation of the rental property and appliance is described as:

  1. Photo documentation showing the condition of the rental housing, including the condition of any appliances provided for use by tenants; and 

  2. A written statement describing the condition of the rental housing, including the condition of any appliance provided for use by tenants, and noting any damage. 

Upon a tenancy ending the housing provider is required to provide documentation, both photo documentation and a written statement of the rental property and appliances, along with a written accounting stating the basis of any claims for any portion of the security deposit. This documentation is to be provided along with the deposit accounting within the required timeframe of the current State of Oregon’s Landlord Tenant Law after the tenancy terminates.  

  • Maximum Cap on Applicant Screening Charges

The fee for screening applicants for rental properties affected by the Eugene ordinances may not be more than the amount of the housing provider’s average screening costs or $10, whichever amount is less. 

  • Rental Housing Registration and Fees

The Eugene City Manager will be setting a fee for each rental unit covered by a rental agreement. The revenue generated by the fee shall be used for the purpose of offsetting the costs to the City of Eugene associated with the enforcement of the cost and costs associated with providing services to tenants, owners, and managers of rental housing. The services will include but not be limited to: a Rental Housing Navigator position, rental housing data collection, and tenant support services. 

  • Tenant Educational Information

At the time of rental agreement execution, housing providers are to provide tenants of a rental agreement educational information in a form approved by the Eugene City Manager. The form is to include the rights and obligations of housing providers and tenants related to termination of a tenancy and information about the requirement of this City Rental Housing Code of Eugene.

  • Rental References 

A housing provider shall provide renters of a Eugene rental property with a rental reference within five business days of a written request. Eugene’s City Manager will create an approved form. Housing providers need only provide two rental references in a calendar year.

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This document is not legal advice. Consult the ordinance directly for details and current language, and an attorney for legal advice and interpretation.