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How to Market Your Eugene, Oregon Home Like a Professional Property Manager

Marketing your home is an important first step in getting it rented out to high quality tenants. Today we’re talking about how Eugene landlords can market their rental properties the way professional property managers do.

Curb Appeal

First impressions are important, and your property has to look great when people come to see it. Potential tenants want to see a home that’s in excellent condition and ready for move in. At Trio Property Management Inc., we are able to rent our homes quickly because we make sure they are clean and well maintained. Before you begin marketing your property, make sure it looks good on the inside and the outside.

Online Advertising

A majority of tenants are looking for properties on the Internet, so advertising online is critical when you’re marketing your rental home. Start with a great ad; take lots of high quality photographs and consider making a video as well so people can feel like they’re taking a tour of the property before they visit it. Highlight all of the property’s best attributes and be sure to mention upgrades and improvements you’ve recently made. Make sure you’re honest about what the property has to offer.

Market your property on as many sites as possible. Put the ad on your own website and use platforms such as Zillow and Trulia. Craigslist can also be a great site for rental ads. Maximize your efforts and get your listing on as many sites as you have access to. You want to cast a wide net when marketing your home to potential tenants.

Professional Signage

Online marketing is important, but so are yard signs. People who are driving or walking through the neighborhood will often see a sign and make an inquiry. Post your sign in the yard or the window of your property and make sure your contact information is clear and visible. Provide a phone number and an email address so prospective renters can get in touch with you.

Laws and Regulations
Fair housing laws extend to the way you market your rental property. If you’re not familiar with federal, state and local fair housing laws, make sure you consult an attorney or hire a quality property manager. Wording your advertisement the wrong way can get you into legal trouble.

When you get a call or an email regarding your property, respond promptly. You don’t want to lose a great tenant just because you waited too long to return a phone call.

If you have any questions about marketing your rental property like a professional, please contact us at Trio Property Management Inc., and we’d be happy to help you.