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How to Choose a Property Management Company in Eugene

Our topic today is how to pick a property management company. If you have never owned a rental before, or you’ve never worked with a property manager, you might be wondering how to choose the company that’s right for you. There are a lot of property management companies in Eugene, and you want to be strategic about picking the one that’s a good fit for you and your rental home.

The first thing you want to consider in your search is location. Choose a rental manager who is local and able to get to your property right away if necessary. It’s hard to manage a property that is over 100 miles away. When you have a property manager who is geographically close to your own property, it will be easier for that professional to keep tabs on your house and on the tenant.

Another thing to consider is the property manager’s area of expertise. Find out what kind of properties the company manages. They might specialize in managing single family homes or perhaps most of their experience is with apartment complexes. Some property management companies do a lot of work with industrial buildings and commercial properties. Each type of property requires a very different set of property management skills. Some companies will specialize in one type of building or another, and others will try to manage all those different types of properties. Find out what your property manager does, and make sure your rental unit is similar to what that company does well.

Finally, you want to know how big the property management company is. You want to know what their goals are for you and for your property. This is important because a larger property management firm may have different goals than a smaller company, and you’ll need to know where exactly you fit in.

Choosing a property management company in Eugene does not have to be difficult. Take the time to get to know the company you are considering, and choose the one that will best represent you and your rental. If you have any questions, please contact us at Trio Property Management.