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Eugene Landlords: How to Educate Your Tenants

A significant part of a successful tenancy is tenant education. We don’t talk about this part of the job a lot, but education is really important for you to have a great tenant living in your property. A perfect starting point is with the application. Your rental application can set the professional tone of what you’re trying to show the tenant. Your application should look good, be clear and concise, and ask for the right information. You must have all the bases covered with the application so you can do a thorough screening and background check.

Make sure you have a thorough and clear rental agreement. That rental agreement will explain all the expectations to the tenant so they are fully informed about when rent is due, how guests are handled and what to do to take care of the property. It’s important to have it clear and well thought out, and you should always encourage any questions or discussion at the time both parties are signing the rental agreement.

Explain to the tenants how to communicate with you. Make sure you have a website they can go to. Give them a phone number they can use to get in touch with you 24/7. If a tree branch falls on the roof in the middle of the night while it’s snowing, the tenant needs to know how to get a hold of you. Provide several different ways for the tenant to communicate with you. You never want your tenants to be in a situation where they don’t know how to get in touch with you.

Let them know when to call. They might notice a small water leak under the sink that they think isn’t a big deal. But if they let it go and they don’t report it, you can end up with a huge problem over time. Make sure you educate your tenant to talk to you about all issues.

After you inspect a property, talk to the tenant about what you saw and what’s important. For example, if the bed is kept on the floor, that’s a big issue. Maybe they don’t have a bed frame, so the mattresses are just thrown on the ground. You want to talk about problems that can create, such as mildew. Give tenants any information they don’t already have. When you communicate with your tenants, you are able to educate them.

Each contact you have with your tenants is an opportunity to educate them. Tell them how to maintain the property and what to do to take care of it. Share any new information you come across.

This is your investment, and you want to keep it well maintained. Remember that communication with your tenants leads to education. If you have any questions about this topic, please contact us at Trio Property Management.