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100 Holes

100 Holes

Summer is Trio’s busiest season. The majority of move outs and new tenants moving in happen during the summer months all while we continue managing your occupied investments. Since early June 2018 Trio has rented close to 40 homes, many seeing large increases in rent over last year. The market has had some peeks and some slow moments with rental inventory beginning to even out. 

With the fall season ahead we are moving toward preventative maintenance surveys, winterizing irrigation systems, and roof and gutter cleanings. Our small but mighty Trio team has handled over 1,000 work orders on homes we manage in the past 6 months. That is 1,000 repairs to follow up on, 1,000 vendor and tenant communications and a 1,000 reasons why you can rest assured that your homes are well maintained. We take care of your property so it will take care of you! 

Your best contact as an owner is our Licensed Property Manager, Karin Mitchell. Karin has been in charge of the majority of property move outs this summer as well as closely tracking the market and facilitating a few major remodels. In a typical office day your Property Manager is talking to dozens of tenants, vendors and owners coordinating maintenance, creating new leases, marketing vacancies, surveying properties and so much more. 

The most exciting thing our Trio team has done lately is 100 Holes of Golf in one day, a major fundraising event for Kids’ FIRST (KF) organization in Lane County. Karin is a seasoned advocate for Kids’ FIRST and serves on KF’s Fundraising Committee. This is Karin’s second year participating in the 100 Holes of Golf marathon. Trio had the honor of supporting Karin as her number one sponsor as well as ending the day helping Karin meet her goal of 100 holes in one day! Karin finished up the day exceeding her goal with 113 holes played and $1225 raised adding to the grand total of over $50,000 raised by 24 golfers.

 Kids’ FIRST mission is to provide intervention and advocacy for children who are victims of, or witness to, crime. The purpose of a child abuse intervention center like KF is to provide a central location for a multidisciplinary team (MDT) approach to child abuse investigations, which eliminates the need for a child to be repeatedly interviewed about abuse by each individual agency. If you’d like more information about Kids’ FIRST visit their website at .